"It's Not Coaching, It's Ministry!"-Coach Ivorie 

At F.I.F.T.H. Quarter Performance we are dedicated to making a difference in every athlete’s life from the inside out.  Our programs are result driven and we are committed to providing our athletes with a comprehensive, scientific-based program and sport development opportunities to help them achieve maximum success in their respective sport, and in life.

F.I.F.T.H. Quarter Performance Coaches work closely with each athlete to design individualized programs that focuses on developing core strength, improving speed/running form, fine-tuning agility, increasing mobility, improving explosiveness, increasing strength, and enhancing their respective sport-skill set; all while prioritizing injury prevention. 

Training Overview


Sports Performance Training

FQP sport performance programs help athletes maximize performance, prevent injury, and become better athletes across the board. Our programs focus on complete athletic development, injury prevention, and are tailored to the athlete.

Sport Specific Training

At FQP we understand in order to have the greatest impact on your game, strength training for any sport should aim to develop explosive power, functional strength, and movement efficiency.  Our coaches aim to keep our athletes healthy while enhancing their vertical, speed, strength, lateral quickness, core development, and sport-specific skill set.

Speed/Agility/ Mechanics training

To get to the next level every athlete needs speed. Speed is a winning advantage that you need to complete on any level. Based on biomechanics, motor control,  and mechanics we work to develop our athlete's functional speed.