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FQP exists to enrich lives, encourage over-all health, and inspire greatness. We are the home of fitness and sport athletes. Our mission is to be an advocate for the athlete and a place for the athlete to help them achieve their goals through purposeful training. We offer a variety of training programs and membership options for athletes of all backgrounds and experience. 

We provide fitness memberships, group classes and personal training for the everyday athlete; and we provide small group sessions, camps, and workshops for competitive sport athletes. 

our story, his glory

FIFTH (FIT IN FAITH THROUGH HOPE) Quarter Performance was founded in 2017 by Ivorie Ford as a faith based fitness brand. The genesis of FQP started in local parks training 1 track athlete and a group of 5 ladies. 

For several years Coach Ivorie provided personal training and small group training until she made the decision to focus the brand's mission on developing athletes. 

In 2019 she started a basketball skills academy program and it's success was the start of many open doors for the growth of FQP. 

Fast forward to March 2023 and FQP has become a full service performance facility for every day athletes and sport athletes. 

Coach Ivorie's vision has always been for FQP to be beacon of light in the East Texas community, but more importantly an asset to the Kingdom of God. 

The FQP team is committed to providing the best customer service, programs, and atmosphere for all who walk through our doors. 

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